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About Clarington Heritage Committee

The Clarington Heritage Committee (CHC) was first appointed in 1977 and has produced two calendars, three photographic displays, five house tours and three books.

One of the first projects of the Committee was an inventory of built heritage resources which began in the 1970s. 

In 1986 the Committee hired a heritage consultant to complete an inventory of the heritage buildings in Darlington Township and Bowmanville.  Clarke Township buildings were recorded by the Committee in 1990.  This inventory consists of over 600 buildings and focuses on recording significant structures that were built prior to 1900.  The Committee is currently working on an inventory update which records significant buildings up to the 1950s and is further detailed in the heritage inventory section. 

The Clarington Heritage Committee has evaluated and made recommendations to Council on the heritage designation of over eighty individual properties under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.  We were actively involved in the preparation of a Heritage Conservation District Study for Bowmanville, the Old Bowmanville North Ward Heritage Guidelines and the Beech Avenue Bowmanville Heritage Conservation District Plan.  Advice has been provided on the addition of properties to the Municipal Register as Non-designated Properties of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest.  The Committee reviews alterations to designated buildings and provides comments to the Municipality on development applications, various studies, policies and projects that may have an impact on cultural heritage resources.   Appointments to the Clarington Heritage Committee are for the term of Council.  Members participate on other planning projects which relate to the conservation of Clarington cultural heritage resources.

Terms of Reference

The current members of the Committee are:

  • Todd Taylor
  • Paul Davidson
  • Steve Conway
  • Victor Suppan 
  • Peter Vogel, CHC representative on the Orono CIP
  • Joseph Earle, CHC representative on the Newcastle Village CIP
  • Tracey Ali, member of the Clarington branch of the ACO
  • Bob Malone, representative of the Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
  • Katharine Warren, representative of the Clarington Museum and Archives
  • Ron Hooper, CHC representative on the Bowmanville CIP
  • Ruth Goff (ex-officio)
  • Kim Vaneyk (ex-officio)

CHC meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month except for July, August and December.  Special meetings may be held at the call of the Chair.   The meetings are open to the public and are held in the Municipal Administrative Centre, 40 Temperance Street, Bowmanville at 7:00 p.m. 

Anyone who would like to be a delegation to the Committee can register by contacting Brandon Weiler,,
905-623-3379, ext 2424, five business days before the meeting.

New members can be appointed to the Clarington Heritage Committee through-out the course of their term should a position become available.  Any vacant positions will be advertised in the local papers and posted on the Municipality’s website