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Abandoned Cemeteries

There are 33 abandoned cemeteries in the Municipality of Clarington. These cemeteries contain the remains of some of the earliest settlers to the area.

In the 1960’s, the Clarke Pioneer Cemetery Board was formed by the Clarke Township Council at the urging of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to clean up overgrown sites and erect cairns in abandoned cemeteries throughout the Township. There are 19 abandoned cemeteries in the former Clarke Township. In 1976, the former Town of Newcastle took over the care of abandoned cemeteries in Darlington Township, and formed the Darlington Cemetery Board. There are 14 abandoned cemeteries in the former Darlington Township. The two Cemetery Boards were combined in March of 1994.

Clarington's Abandoned Cemeteries (PDF)

NOTE: Not all 33 abandoned cemeteries are maintained by the Board.

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