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On April 29, 2008 a devastating fire started in a heritage building in Bowmanville’s downtown core which caused significant damage resulting in the demolition of two significant structures.  The buildings were constructed in the 1880s and were part of a set of three structures forming The Andrew Block.  The most easterly building, located at 27 King Avenue West, was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1992.

If a designated heritage building is partially or completely destroyed by fire or other means the Ontario Heritage Act does not require that it be rebuilt as a replica of the original or that any lost heritage attributes be reconstructed.  Both buildings were reconstructed after the fire in a design that is compatible with the heritage downtown.  The heritage designation by-law that was registered on the title of 27 King Avenue West was repealed by Council as a result of the demolition.



One of the most common questions asked when property owners are considering heritage designation 
is how designation will affect their property insurance. 

The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides more information on this topic. 

If you or your insurance agent have questions on the designation of a property and how it may affect reconstruction
please contact Brandon Weiler, at 905-623-3379, ext 2424.