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Community Improvement Plans

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a comprehensive community-based planning study.  A CIP articulates a vision for the continued prosperity of an area. It is based on an assessment of past experience and future prospects, along with a realistic ‘road map’ of how to get there. CIPs are special types of studies identified in the Planning Act, Municipal Act, and Official Plans. They are special because upon completion and adoption, they give the municipality extra powers, such as the ability to provide building incentives and grant programs, development charge exemptions for a specific portion of the municipality, etc. In addition, they may be eligible for funding from other levels of government.

Clarington has three Community Improvement Plans; they are for the downtown areas of Orono, Bowmanville, and Newcastle.  While the CIP’s are not specifically about heritage conservation they are a mechanism for providing grant monies to assist the owners of heritage buildings with upgrades and maintenance within specific geographical areas.  In all of the downtown areas there are grants available for historical façade works, building code upgrades and other non-heritage related items.  It is through the CIP grant programs that the three downtowns have seen upgrades and rehabilitations that are in keeping with the historical streetscapes.

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