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Trees for Rural Roads

In the middle and late 19th century, farmers planted native maples taken from their woodlots along their property edges and on their lane ways. In the 1870s, the Ontario Government provided incentives to farmers to plant roadsides with trees from their woodlots. The majority of trees planted were maples. This gave rise to an important element in the rural landscape-lines of stately maples alongside roads and separating farmer’s fields. The legacy of maple trees is embedded in many people’s memories and part of the rural aesthetic.

The Trees for Rural Roads program seeks to under-plant existing mature street trees on our rural roads with young native trees (whips, not caliper size) through a partnership with local Conservation Authorities, landowners, other funding partners and the environmental stewardship funds from the Municipality of Clarington’s budget beginning in 2012.  Applications are due by March 31.


Trees for Rural Roads program (PDF File)

Link to Application (PDF File)